Every Cadillac is built to the highest standards and is manufactured with utmost care.

Should you experience defects in materials or through deficient workmanship your entire vehicle is backed by our no deductible, Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Cadillac Warranty for 3-years or 100,000 KM - whichever comes first.

Should the vehicle change owner, the warranty transfers automatically during the warranty period.


3-YEAR/100,000 KM


Your Cadillac authorized repairer shall either repair or replace, at its option, any genuine part that is defective in material or workmanship within the warranty period without charge to the owner of the vehicle.



The corrosion warranty applies to perforation due to corrosion only for six years regardless of mileage. Perforation means a Rust-Through condition, such as an actual hole in a sheet metal panel. Cosmetic or surface corrosion (resulting from stone chips or scratches in the paint, for example) would not be repaired under this coverage. This warranty specifically excludes any defect to the exhaust system of the vehicles. This warranty will remain effective, provided the following conditions are observed.

The vehicle owner must ensure that the corrosion inspection protection specified in this booklet is performed by a Cadillac authorized repairer. Any claim under this warranty is supported by evidence that the annual body inspection has been carried out. The inspection must be recorded at the time it is carried out, by the Cadillac authorized repairer, by completing the section provided in this booklet. Paintwork deterioration or damage to the body protection of the vehicle that is reported by the Cadillac authorized repairer to the vehicle owner is promptly rectified at the owner's expense by a Cadillac authorized repairer.


This warranty covers any paint defect occurring under normal use and due to defects in material or workmanship for three years regardless of mileage.


Cadillac is proud to offer the response, security, and convenience of the 24-hour Roadside Assistance Program for a period of 3 years. Refer to your Owner Manual for details, or consult your dealer/retailer.


Repair or replacement required not as a result in material or workmanship of Manufacturer but as a result of (i) accident, (ii) misuse, (iii) lack of proper maintenance,(iv) repairs improperly performed or replacements improperly installed by any person other than a Cadillac authorized repairer, (v) a replacement part or accessory not conforming to the Manufacturer's specifications, (vi) usage of any fuel other than that specified for your Cadillac, (vii) alterations by changing or adding to the vehicle, or (viii) damage from environmental conditions such as airborne fallout, salt, hail, windstorm, lightning, flood and the like.


Maintenance services are excluded from the warranty as it is the owner's responsibility to maintain their own vehicle in accordance with the Maintenance Schedule.

For further details, look in the Warranty book under "What Is Covered" and "What Is Not Covered."


Your satisfaction and goodwill are important to your dealer and to Cadillac. Normally, any concerns with the sales transaction or the operation of your vehicle will be resolved by your dealer's sales or service departments. Sometimes, however, despite the best intentions of all involved, misunderstandings can occur. If your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, the following steps should be taken.

One – Discuss your concern with a member of the dealer or service centre management. Concerns can often be quickly resolved at that level. If the concern has already been reviewed with the sales or service manager, contact the owner of the dealership or the general manager.

Two – If your concern cannot be resolved quickly by the dealer or service centre management, contact

Cadillac Customer Assistance Centre

P.O. Box 1062

16425 Kista


You should be prepared to provide the following information: your name, address and telephone number; the identification number of your vehicle (This can be found in the registration papers, the inside front cover of this booklet, or on the plate attached to the top of the instrument panel visible through the windscreen.); the name and address of the dealer; the delivery date and present mileage of your vehicle; details of your concern or request.

When contacting the Customer Assistance Centre, please bear in mind that your concern or request for assistance will most likely be resolved at the authorized repairer, using the authorized repairer's facilities, equipment and personnel. This is why we suggest that you follow the previously mentioned steps in sequence whenever you need assistance.



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